Center for Cosmetology and Massaging

28 Verkhnie Polia St., Office 6, Moscow; Subway stations: Bratislavskaya, Liublino, Maryino

Center for Cosmetology and Massaging

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Cleo Line Cosmetology Clinic in Moscow

In our Clinic, we are happy to welcome people of any nationality, and we have made this page to be closer and more understandable to you.

Cleo Line Center for Cosmetology and Massaging has more than 13-year experience of helping men and women to remain young, beautiful and handsome, to become slim again, to get rid of excessive body weight and, first and foremost, to retain their health. The key distinctive feature of our Center is comprehensive approach to beauty and to feeling superb. We offer care along a wide range of lines:

  • Contour plastic;
  • Biorevitalization;
  • Botulinum toxin therapy;
  • Laser-aided beauty care and photo rejuvenation;
  • Thread-aided facial shape improvement;
  • Laser-aided resurfacing
  • Laser-aided hair removal;
  • Anti-pigmentation treatment;
  • Cleansing and peeling, professional care;
  • Treatment against acne, couperose, extended areas, vessel visibility and other skin problems;
  • Equipment-aided body shape correction;
  • Face and body massaging;
  • Hair removal;
  • Medical pedicure and podiatric care;
  • Treatment for hair and skin of the head;
  • Beauty treatments: Eyebrow beauty improvement, permanent make-up, piercing

The comprehensive approach enables us to provide care to patients of all age groups. Patients of Cleo Line are man and women of 18 years and more: beauty and health are free of any age restrictions.

We have no “universal” solutions perfectly fit for everybody. We provide personalized care to every individual, who seeks care from out Center, and select a unique program of rejuvenation and facial and body shape correction best fitting for him/her. This enables us to attain noticeable results within the shortest dates


  • High-skilled physicians with extensive professional experience;
  • All lines of beauty care important today: laser-aided, injection-aided, equipment-aided, radio frequency-aided beauty care; manual massaging, contour plastic, anti-acne treatment and many other lines;
  • Additional range of beauty care: manicure, pedicure, facial massaging, eyebrow beauty improvement, hair removal;
  • Discounts and promotion campaigns each month;
  • Adjustable price policy: there is an option best fitting for each customer;
  • High-quality up-to-date equipment and drugs that are safe, efficient and efficacious;
  • Free-of-charge advices from our specialists within the date of the patient’s visit;
  • Convenient way for making appointment by phone, via our Web site or social networks;
  • We are easily accessible, since we are seated near several Subway stations. 

Achievements and prizes

The master achievement of Cleo Line is more than 10 thousand satisfied and happy patients, whom we have helped to settle the problems of how they were looking, to remain young and healthy and to emphasize their naturally good looks.

Professional experience of our specialists

Cleo Line employs only professional cosmetologists, dermatologists, beauty care cosmetologists and podiatrists. They have properly specialized education: all our physicians are graduates of medical universities, and they have completed their residency and internship training. Our nurses are trained in appropriate secondary education facilities. After completion of their basic education, Cleo Line personnel have gone through supplementary training in cosmetology and beauty care medicine. To be able to provide care safely and efficaciously, to help patients in settling any problems, however challenging, our specialists continuously go through specialization training, skills improvement courses, trainings and master classes. They continuously learn new competences in and methods of laser-aided, injection-aided and equipment-aided medicine and other lines of care. All our physicians have many-year professional experience. 

Not sure which of our physicians is best to provide you with care and advice? Please contact us, by phone or by way of written message, we will help you to settle your doubts and register you as appointed for medical advice. 

Equipment and drugs

We operate up-to-date certified equipment available from the leading global manufacturers. Cleo Line operates only original equipment and devices, and each of them is appropriately licensed and certified. Laser equipment, massaging equipment, LPG equipment and radio frequency therapy equipment are absolutely safe and efficient. It is compulsory for our physicians and beauty care cosmetologists, who provide equipment-aided beauty care, to go through all necessary training courses and skills improvement courses. Maintenance of the equipment is also provided by professionals. We provide rejuvenating injections and beauty care with use of equipment proved to be safe and efficient by way of many clinical tests. Fillers, biorevitalization and mesotherapy compounds, personal care cosmetics – each of such products has passed the required certification and been recognized as safe for use. We maintain a strict monitoring of actual compliance with sanitary standards in Cleo Line. Consumables are always used once only, our specialists always work in masks and gloves, and our rooms are regularly cleaned with use of disinfectants. We have also installed equipment for anti-bacterial and anti-microbial treatment of air.

Licenses and certificates

Cleo Line medical center has all documentary authorizations for operation. Among other things, it has Health Care License No ЛО-77-01-008832 issued by Moscow City Department of Health on August 22, 2014. To read that license and its scanned copies, in full, please see this section. All licenses, certificates and skills improvement certificates of our specialists are contained in personal sections of Cleo Line Web site.

Making appointment

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Danilkova Oxana IgorevnaDanilkova Oxana Igorevna

Head Physician, cosmetologist, dermatologist

Belova Elena AndreevnaBelova Elena Andreevna

Physician, cosmetologist, dermatologist

Хандремайло Валентина РомановнаХандремайло Валентина Романовна

Врач-косметолог, дерматолог

Салбиева Ирина КазбековнаСалбиева Ирина Казбековна

Врач-косметолог, дерматолог

Plankova Tatiana KonstantinovnaPlankova Tatiana Konstantinovna

Chiropodist, podiatrist, dermatologist

Алимова Наталья ЮрьевнаАлимова Наталья Юрьевна

Специалист по педикюру, подолог

Karelina Alena Nikolaevna Karelina Alena Nikolaevna

Beauty care cosmetologist

Korobkova Tatiana Nikolaevna Korobkova Tatiana Nikolaevna

Beauty care cosmetologist